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How to Mix Cup Pulls with Cabinet Knobs (Successfully!)

In the past, the notion that 'less is more' was applied to fashion, prose, and interior design- among other things. Today, however, those with progressive sense of style are willing to introduce more panache into their wardrobes- and their spaces. No longer must rooms be designed around a single color scheme, or must everything match entirely. Instead, complementary styles can be tastefully integrated in a space so that a room can reflect the owner's personal style without overwhelming the area. One such way to do this is by dressing up your cabinets with a mix of cup pulls and cabinet knobs.

Before mixing cup pulls with any other hardware, it is important to consider your practical goals for the space as well as your style objectives. Doing so will help you determine whether you truly want to make this style statement. Consider the following:

  • Do you love the look of cup pulls but don't enjoy using them to open cabinet doors?
  • Do you enjoy the bold style of cup pulls but are afraid that too many of them will be too bold?
  • Do you have a relatively similar number of cabinet doors and drawers?
Cup Pull Knob

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready to mix your cabinet knobs and cup pulls…almost.

Homeowners who are undertaking this design project on their own should make sure that all of their cabinet hardware choices match properly, so that the look is flawless. Although it may seem obvious, many homeowners do not realize that mixing cabinet hardware from different brands is a no-no. Although all cabinet hardware companies offer the same standard finishes, products from each company look slightly different. In other words, a nickel cabinet knob from one company will not be a perfect match to a nickel pull from another company. Make sure to choose all cabinet hardware from the same company so that the pieces will blend seamlessly.

One easy way to ensure that your knobs and cup pulls match is to choose styles from the same collection. However, if you prefer the look of a decorative cup pull you may find that a knob from the same collection features the same intricate design- which may overwhelm your space. If this is the case, a plain cabinet knob that has the same finish as your favorite pull may better complement your cup pull.

Another strategy for choosing the right cabinet hardware combination is to order several samples to see how each style fits into the space. Hold the knobs up against your cabinet doors while another person holds the cup pulls against the drawers. If the knobs and pulls have enough distance between them, you may discover that decorative pulls and knobs will both fit well in the space.

Combining cabinet knobs and cup pulls is a tasteful way to express your sense of style. There's no reason to compromise on your desires- by finding the right balance between knobs and pulls, you can have it all!

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